My parents were in their infancy when WW2 broke out and it had a tremendous impact on their lives. My Godfather enlisted in November 1944 and was able to participate in that fight to free Europe from German domination.   I was born 20 years after the end of WW2, and used to listen to adult’s conversation about their experiences. When my godfather passed away I received a small heirloom of allied insignia and tidbits. This led to soaking up as much literature about WW2 as I could, short holidays in Normandy visiting the D-Day sites and Museums were a highlight of my childhood and adolescence. Collecting, reading, and travels centered about the History of WW2 have been a constant ever since. Reenactment came naturally and 6 years ago I started organizing events in order to transmit that part of history to younger generations and meet with other people aspiring to the same thing.


Our G-3 Officer for Operations for the last two years and WW2 uniform collector ( US, UK, Italy, Poland , Russia). Began re-enactment in 2009 with VIIIth Army Spain and joined Poland First to Fight the next year . Awarded the Pro Patria Medal (Poland) twice. Founding member of the group. Bn. de Voluntarios Princesa Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova. Russian Civil War and  101ª Div. Motorizada Trieste. Occasionally works with Military History Magazines and Podcasts


Esteve Roure has had many experiences with reenactment of a modern type with TROYAVENTURA using heavy assets like Humvees, helicopters. A natural organizer he also has worked in the film industry with director Ridley Scott. He has been with us for 3 years now and without his help there would be no event.


The photographer and web design

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